portret en popart

Bij portret zoek ik vaak de grenzen op van realiteit en abstractie d.m.v. fotobewerking en collage.
moodboard in vintage kleuren
fotobewerking en collage
fotografie portret
fotobewerking en collage
In Front and Behind
Swamp of Emotions
Hotel Butterfly, fotosessie samen  met aurelle.art
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artprints artprints
Hotel Zero
Hotel Zero is about a photo session and meeting with a musician and emigrant from Lithuania who has left his country and also his career. His life was back to zero. In the meeting, emotions surface and are photographed during the conversation.

Oρƚυɾα Mιɱσʂα
Songwriter, singer, composer

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Reality to Fairytale
Sepia to Gold
Sepia Chemistry
Rubedo to Gold
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